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OTC exchange service and services
with more than 10 years of experience

About company


A great deal of experience

Since 2011, we have been active in the over-the-counter market in Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

Our business scheme is simple and effective - we act as a supplier or broker for off-exchange transactions when buying/selling physical gold or Bitcoin, also known as "digital gold".

Security and confidentiality

Providing our clients with both complete confidentiality and absolute security of each transaction. Our security service checks each new client and each transaction for the possibility of fulfilling the obligations of each party.

Individual approach

For each client we select individual conditions depending on his needs, volume and our experience with him, which is why cooperation with our esteemed clients has been going on for many years.


Until 2019, we worked with our clients only individually and in a closed format. But after 9 years of experience and reputation in narrow circles, we decided to start expanding our business, making it more public and accessible to everyone. We offer you to get acquainted with our products below


Certificate of Registration
of a Company

This is to certify that


Australian Company Number 640 509 271

is a registered company under the Corporations Act 2001 and
is taken to be registered in New South Wales.

The company is limited by shares.

The company is a proprietary company.

The day of commencement of registration is
the twenty-fifth day of April 2020.


Website launch Venera Gold


(Q1 - Q2)

  • The launch of the Venera Gold website as an investment platform, the ability to fully use the entire range of company services.
Online exchanger


(Q2 - Q3)

  • Online exchanger for more convenient and faster OTC transactions.
Playground and advertising platform


(Q3 - Q4)

  • Business expansion: a gaming and advertising platform, with the Venera Xchange exchanger integrated into it and the Venera Pay payment system.
Venera Protocol Exchange


(Q1 - Q2)

  • A completely decentralized and anonymous platform based on dark node, which you can learn about below.
Own coin


(Q3 - Q4)

  • Creating and launching your own coin, which gives bonuses to partners and company leaders in addition to the standard referral commission.
Payment system Venera Pay


  • The Venera Pay payment system, which in addition to low commissions, will allow all users to complete transactions at more favorable rates.

You can use several of our products available today

Investments in OTC deals

To date, our OTC platform also operates in closed mode with individual clients, but now we provide the opportunity for individuals to participate in our business, by providing funds for the purchase of an asset and the resulting investment profits from the implementation of our forward contract using this asset.


$ 10 - $ 100
Daily Profit2.2%
Charging1 time per day
Withdraw1 time per 7 days
Conclusion50 days


$ 101 - $ 500
Daily Profit1.3%
Charging1 time per day
Withdraw1 time per 7 days
Conclusion100 days


$ 501 - $ 5000
Daily Profit0.8%
Charging1 time per day
Withdraw1 time per 7 days
Conclusion200 days


$ 5001 - $ 100 000
Daily Profit0.9%
Charging1 time per day
Withdraw1 time per 7 days
Conclusion300 days

Affiliate program

Popularization of the platform is the main task of our team for 2020. In order to encourage users of Venera's investment products to attract new investors, we have prepared a unique referral program that will enable them to establish mutually beneficial partnerships with our investors, as well as allow them to earn significant funds by jointly promoting our business.

OTC exchange

If you want to make a deal starting from 10 000 dollars, we will be glad to offer you cooperation with our company. Apply to the [email protected] in a free form and we will provide you with a list of documents for us to audit your identity and your transaction. After the approval of our security service, you will receive detailed instructions for further actions to be taken in the course of the transaction.

Audit services

Do you want to make a deal on exchange of physical gold or bitcoin, but doubt the purity and solvency of the counterparty? We can help you clarify the situation and identify all the pitfalls of the planned transaction. We can provide you with a full service, both open (with notification of the counterparty) and secret closed audit, through our information channels. You can apply to the [email protected] in a free form, after which we will contact you to plan our further actions, as well as to calculate the cost of the service.

Escrow services

If you have already decided to make a deal and are confident in the solvency of the counterparty, but you want 100% guarantee of security of the transaction, we will provide the services of a guarantor when making transactions of almost any volume. All transactions are carried out in one of our protected offices, addresses of which you can find out, also having left the application.

To learn in detail about conditions and cost of service, you can learn, having sent inquiry on [email protected] in the free form.